• One-Finger Quick Battle Gameplay

    Easy to get started no matter where you are, killing numerous zombies, achieving faster shooting experience

  • Last Hero: Roguelike Shooting Game

    Grabbing your weapons, saving the world and final survival, uncovering the truth of doomsday crisis,

  • Classical Roguelike Feature

    Grabbing invincible equipment, obtaining fancy shoot
    skills for your hero, unlocking multiple game modes

  • Deadly Weapons Boosting Battle Force

    Preparing machinegun, launcher, chest-plate, etc, speeding your ATK and shooting against the zombies as a hero

  • Obtain the Battle Pass 

    Finishing massive missions, claiming battle pass in the new season, being the last hero in the game

  • Exclusive Heroes and Unique Boss Zombies

    Unlocking new heroes with arsenal combo skills, using awesome go-to moves shoot various zombies 

As the doomsday crisis erupted, zombies wandering everywhere, the government set up relief sites in different cities, calling for survivors to gather at fixed relief sites. Join us now, fighting like a hero, combating with zombies, seeking for the sage area.